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The Freedom Center is located in one of the largest poverty pockets in the Fox Valley. With the help of a few churches working together, the pantry opened in the early part of 2010 upon completion of updates to the building provided.

During our first full month of being open we served 14 families per week. That number more than tripled the second month of operation and continues to grow. After three months, the Freedom Center Food Pantry had helped almost 300 different families. Now serving about 300 families a week. (That’s about 7,000lbs of food a week)

As hunger is a reality in our community and continues to grow,  we will continue serving the need. Our hope is that you will partner with us in meeting this practical need and in making the Good News of Jesus Christ available to those who are experiencing spiritual hunger as well.

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Pantry Guests have said:

"The pantry is a gift from God, we always pray to say thank you back."


"The volunteers at Freedom Center Food Pantry treat you with respect."


"People at the pantry treat you in a dignified manner."


"Everyone at the pantry is friendly and helpful."


"Beautiful place with the warmth of God filled atmosphere."


"The pantry allows us to be blessed by God."


"People are kind and pantry is organized it is fantastic."


"Thankful to have a place like Freedom Center Food Pantry to come to."


"Freedom Center Food Pantry does not discriminate."


"Pastor talking about spiritual things but not forcing it upon us."


"Freedom Center Food Pantry has good choices."


"Freedom Center Food Pantry has incentives for clients to help give back by saving milk bag tops, tops from milk containers, and aluminum cans."


"People while waiting appreciate the refreshments that are made available."


"Like the aspect of socialization with others while waiting."


"God's presence at Freedom Center's atmosphere makes for a warm place to come."

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